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John K Ngatia’s new book is

One Plus One Equals Four

The Keys to Success


John Ngatia's book


In One Plus One Equals Four – The Keys to Success, John Kamau Ngatia offers a powerful and practical formula to fast track your way to success and transform your life. This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to improve their current circumstances or turn a dream into reality.

A highly successful and sought-after peak performance and turnaround coach, John has empowered clients from all walks of life to not only dream big but to ‘live their lives by design’. With remarkable insight, he shares the same tools and strategies he uses in his coaching business to propel his clients forward to reach success. John was born into humble circumstances in Kenya and the story of how he turned his childhood dream into reality is an inspiration to people of all ages around the globe.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, increase your wealth, improve your sporting performance or a relationship, apply the knowledge within this book and you will achieve results.

About John K Ngatia

‘Whether it is the thought of something you want or something you do not want, your consistent attention to it, invites it into your experience, it becomes your reality. Create the reality you want.’

  • John Kamau Ngatia

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‘My mission… To inspire millions of people worldwide to live a life of joy, great health and financial abundance’


“Love this book.
Positive, uplifting reading.
If feel if you use his strategies to shape your life you will find yourself creating a greater impact with your life. HIGHLY recommend this book”


“I’ve started reading a few chapters of this book and it is already one of the best books I have ever read. Very well written and an inspirational story. Great techniques for self-growth and extremely mind opening.
I highly recommend to anyone looking to better themselves through personal development and in need of some inspiration.”


“One plus one Equals four is a brilliant piece of literature. The book is exciting right from the word go!

It depicts a story of resilience, a can do attitude and we can all make it spirit. Your journey John from Kenya to Australia resonates with our very own journeys having also made that great move from Kenya To Australia.  That your beginnings were humble did not stop you from achieving the goals of your dream. You truly motivate so many out there who question the reality of changing our lives for the better. Yours is clearly a migration success story. 

Your book then dwells on the your career path and most importantly your coaching world that has changed many peoples worldview and thought processes, motivating many to have the I can do attitude. The book also dwells at length on the power of faith and strong family units. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend their time absorbing good into their lives. The young boy from Nyeri has truly come of age. Very good writing John”

Tim Omondi -Adelaide

“No words can sum up enough the impact of this book to the reader.  Wow!!

I enjoyed reading the book in short chunks giving myself time to digest and reflect. The book is a cocktail of practical experiences with powerful tips on how to grow and develop ourselves. As a Peak Performance & Turnaround Coach, John has shared extremely useful knowledge that will change my life forever!

I highly recommend this book.”

Solomon WG

“Inspiring, uplifting and super informative!! Whether you are new to personal development or well developed you will get so much from this book. It’s very well written and easy to read. Reading a few chapters before bed each night inspired me to visualise the future I want to create before drifting off to sleep and reading it again first thing in the morning set the mood for the day! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would often find myself smiling through it. I recently purchased an additional copy to gift to a family member who will benefit greatly from reading it also.


“It is such a great, simple start into consciousness and becoming aware of yourself.

You carry and use these ideas every day, and the way the ideas have been broken down and explained make it so easy to read.

Cherie K 

“This book provides detailed principles you can use in life to achieve success.

The book outlines different personal development tools in an easy to understand way and guides us on how we can put these principles in practice. It goes on to outline ways we can live long and healthy lives to ensure we reap all the benefits of our success. Reading this book and practising all the lessons has helped me enjoy life more, my perspective on things has shifted and I have learnt to live my life by design.

This has all been made possible by the way I have learnt to master my mind and thoughts based on this books lessons. Thanks John and Tania for the really good read I would recommend this book to anyone with a goal to be successful. We’ve got this friends!”

Pauline –  Adelaide

“An inspiring and thought-provoking book which is very readable!
I particularly enjoyed John’s own story of growing up in Kenya and being influenced by his beloved cucu – grandmother – as a young boy.
His messages about living life with a positive mindset and developing strategies to overcome roadblocks are so important and will resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. We all aspire to live the best life we can and John’s words offer practical ways to achieve this dream.”

Cinzia Giglio

“This book is a road map to living an amazing and fulfilled life. Highly recommend it.”

Moses Njoroge

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