It is a wonderful gift to be alive and to be here Now in 2020 and I trust that you are having a wonderful time. I felt that it is important for me to share with you some ideas that will have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life, when acted upon. I believe that we all can learn from one another and hopefully, from what I share with you here today, you will pick one idea that you can immediately implement. It’s been said that education does not mean teaching people what they do not know, rather it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave, hence I urge you to make decisions and take the necessary actions as a result.

We all have a self-image

Let’s today look into the concept of self-image. The truth is we all have a self-image. Whether we realise it or not each of us carries about us a mental picture of ourselves. The self-image, according to Dr Maxwell Maltz, is our own conception of the sort of person I am. It is built up from our own beliefs about ourselves. Most of the beliefs about ourselves are based on past experiences, our past failures and success, our humiliations or triumphs, and the way other people have reacted to us. From all these we construct an image of who we believe we are, and more often than not this self-image becomes true as far as we are personally concerned.

The self-image we hold of ourselves will determine our results

The first important factor to note about our self-image is that all our actions, feelings, behaviour, even our abilities are always consistent with this self-image. This image not only controls your behaviour, it also controls your circumstances as well. It then means that the image we hold of ourselves will determine the results we get. The second factor is that no one was born with a self-image and thus it can be changed. So, if the results that we are getting are not what we want, then we can build up a new self-image of the kind of person we desire to be, do or have.

On the basis of the foregoing, I would like you to take time and really think about yourself and the image you hold of yourself. Who do you perceive yourself to be? What image do you have of your personal and professional life going forward into 2020 and beyond?  Are you satisfied with your results? Take time and make a list of the results you want to change.

Change your self-image and change your results

For you to attain the results that you want, the goals and outcomes that you desire it is imperative to have a self-image that is congruent. You must have an image of the kind of person you want to become, surrounded by the ideal circumstances that you desire. The possibility of your goals, outcomes and results that you desire must be seen clearly to the extent that it becomes real to your brain and nervous system. This is not difficult nor so mystical as it may first appear. You and I do it every day of our lives. If we think of all the success and good that will come from us accomplishing our goals and outcomes it feels really good – we feel joy, excitement elation, even ecstatic. When we hold onto this image without wavering, before long we shall be living testimony of that image. Conversely, when we think of not getting our desires manifest it feels like worry, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy or perhaps humiliation. We picture failure to ourselves, not vaguely or in general terms but vividly in great detail. and then when the results manifest ‘we act surprised’. A sign of our ignorance – not knowing that we create our own reality, be it what is wanted or what is not wanted. Yet it is just as easy to have an image of success as it is of failure.

See yourself surrounded by the good that you desire

You must keep your mind on the higher empowering image rather than one of lower concern and worry. I realise that it is not an easy thing to do however it pays great dividends for the person who develops a mental strength to do it. Take time and build the image of the way you want your life to be. See it vividly and dwell on this image everyday going forward. Napoleon Hill, the author of the phenomenal book, “Think and Grow Rich” put it this way, ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve’, See yourself surrounded by the good that you desire. 

Once we build the image and you become emotionally involved in it, you will surprise yourself with how things will unfold. People, circumstances and events will occur that will be congruent to your new self-image. Be persistent and expect the good life that is your birthright and you will see evidence in your own life of what Napoleon Hill talked about when he said, ‘Somewhere in your make up therein lies sleeping the seed of achievement which if aroused and put into action will carry you to heights such as you may never have hoped to attain. Just as a master musician may cause the most beautiful strains of music to pour forth from a violin, so too may you arouse the genius which lies asleep in your brain and cause it to drive you upwards to any goal you may wish to achieve’.

Have an awesome day and I look forward to hearing of how you are shaping your life, your destiny and experiencing joy.  Ensure that in 2020 you have worthy goals that you are working towards, that you are pursuing. Know that if you do not have goals, it means you do not have a target, an outcome that you are working towards, meaning you will just be cruising along with no purpose … and that is truly not living.


To Your Success

John K Ngatia